Unique & Innovative

Be the first to organize a social virtual reality event for companies. A unique proposition compared to other activities.

Groups up to 200

Serve from 5 up to 200 people at the same time, at any location.  Easy operations means less staf required for operation.

Support & Service

We support you with marketing, operation, hardware advice and support from a technical team of 10 developers.

The start

Start off with a drink, an appetizer and a nice chat with the people at your table. Enjoy the peace and quiet because in a few moments the virtual madness will commence. The first round will be played with the people at your table so scream and yell to get to juices flowing and prepare for battle!

The first round

So put on your VR headset and let’s roll. After a short introduction the first game starts and you will compete against people sitting at other tables. As soon as you enter the virtual world you will see and hear virtual avatars with names so you can identify who’s who.  You are able to talk, scream or curse your way towards victory!

The Next rounds

After the first round you’ll have enough time to catch your breath and prepare for the next round, Make sure you have a quick bite because you’ll need the energy.  Be aware; in the first game you might be on the same side but the next you’ll square off against each other.  Friends or enemies? In virtual reality there is no certainty.  Trust no one .

The End

After an exciting evening one team will be declared the winners of the VR Dining Games. Enjoy a victory drink and look back at an awesome evening togeteher with your colleagues.


What you need

The VR Dining games have been tested thoroughly at many different events. We offer a easy to use and stable experience for the operation. Below you’ll find a list of the equipment needed.

Gear VR + Galaxy smartphones & headphones

The Samsung Gear VR offers a superior viewing experience. For communicating in VR headphones with mic are required.


To controll the gaming experience you need a decent laptop. We provide easy to use software

Router & access point

The virtual reality devices connect to the laptop trough an access point. The router is needed to connect to our servers.


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