A deliciously fun company outing

Teambuilding in VR

Our games are challenging but easy to learn.? Collaboration and communication are key on the road to succes.

Dinner & Drinks

After every round there's enough time to catch you breath and get fired up for the next round.? Enjoy a quick bite and drink with your co workers and prepare for the next game!

A unique experience

A world first experience, a thrilling social VR experience alternated with relaxed wining and dining. Battle you colleague's in VR and make peace during drinks.

Team building virtual reality

Competitive teams battle in different virtual worlds. Teamwork is key, communication a must. Each round teams will be shuffled and your opponents will change. A unique experience which will bring co-workers together.?


Dining & Drinks

Discuss your experience in between the 3 course meal. Make sure to gather enough energy for each round, which lasts about 8 minutes.? In between there is enough time to share experiences and challenge your co-worker. Stay sharp because there are prices to be won for each team and individual VR warrior.

Unique & innovative?

Be the first to immersive yourself in this unique concept. The first and only multiplayer VR experience for teams. A groundbreaking experience where you play and communicatie with co-workers in awesome virtual world. Not a solo but social experience!


An experience to share?

Enter a virtual world and face challenges with your friends and coworkers. ?Trust no-one and expect anything.
Trick your senses and immerse yourself in a world where laughter is the only reality.

Chat, See, Fight

Combining virtual avatars with microphones you will be able to see and talk throughout the game. ?A great way to connect with people from another department and awesome for team building.

Eat, game, repeat

Each experience has 5 rounds combined with a 3 course dinner in the real world. ?While you?ll be seated with the same group ?in virtual reality anyone can be your teammate, or opponent.

Franchising opportunities

Would you like to organize the VR Dining Games in your country? We offer the chance for a world’s first social vr experience for company outings. With the full support of our team with marketing and operations.

The Games?

What people are saying

J. van Vliet

We were searching for a total new teambuilding event! One we had actually never played before. VR Dining Game Edition exceeded our expectations!

F. Osterloh?

Innovation and digitalisation were two very important themes within our department. So we wanted to process this themes in a unique team event. Today, they still talk about the social VR dinner experience!

E. Sanderink

It was a very social experience. The ability to play against your colleagues in such a innovative way is great to build up a team spirit!


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